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Entering (OPEN!!)

You can enter by sending a picture of your igloo to Bristerxhelp8000@aol.com
Schedule a meeting for me to take a picture of your igloo.

Email or comment why you think your igloo should be pimp’d




1. greenzo2 - May 7, 2007

cool yo

2. fotis01 - May 8, 2007

i sumbitted my igloo

::editor’s comment::\

yep! i got it!


3. fotis01 - May 9, 2007

is it good?

4. brister8000 - May 9, 2007

The thing is, if your igloo is bad, you get a chance to get it pimp’d.

5. sasha - May 10, 2007

what is pimp mean??? so…i don’t understand what is pimp my igloo and what happen if you igloo get pimp?

-sasha, love always

its like getting your igloo redone, to look cool

6. xiceecube17x - May 26, 2007

she didnt know whut pimp meant! nice save bri,”it’s like getting your igloo redone” hahahahahahaha…good thing u didnt have to explain the REAL meaning..

lol i didnt mean it that way! 😛

7. will2000 - July 3, 2007


8. gagets - September 4, 2007

hi brister im gagets uhhhh i wsa wondering please pimp my igloo its horrible looking and i can barely get any coins to make it so i was wondering if you can email me at gagetsz@yahoo.com to make a date to take a pic of it so i can enter thanks!

when are you free??

9. radiokol - September 6, 2007

HI Bri! I missed ur VIP party today sorry 😦 i know u probally didn’t want me there bbut i’d like my igloo Pimped!!
plz i need help.

P.S. I’m making my own Pimp my igloo

copier! now i am not talking to you and no chance being my buddy anymore get your own idea. and what vip party?

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